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So I really enjoy watching football (not american) games here and there. But I don’t know all the details and the rules to the game and I don’t really know what team to support. It would be awesome to get some football advice cause I really want to find a team to support. Thanks.

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  1. Baby Ace said:

    Don’t pick teams based on what people tell you. Watch some matches, see the different styles of play, and pick one that really catches your eye.

    Like me personally I enjoy watching Arsenal play. I love the way they pass the ball and how all of them seem to have a cool head. Sometime TOO MUCH passing, but still I like ’em.

  2. James R said:

    Alright just follow your heart in your team, like teams who have good sportsmanship, you like the players, their style of play, maybe if you are driven by their performance, choose a top team, ( Real Madrid, Manchester United)
    Just look at the teams, follow them and see which one you like best, and which style you like best.

  3. selace said:

    I advice you to watch Galatasaray

  4. reza m said: can watch english premier league and la liga in spain specially real madrid and barca and serie a in itali you become deeply interested in football good luck

  5. Angelo said:

    Choose a club, in any league of the world, the most famous ones are the EPL (in england), La Liga (spain) Serie A (Italy)
    MLS (USA)…the season is about to start so go to wikipedia, and search each league’s name. also find out the official site of them on google. the most popular club is Manchester United (UK) Real Madrid (Spain) AC Milan (italy)
    DC United/LA Galaxy (USA)

    Find out the rules of the game here, and just watch the matches, like the Euro 2008 going on now, as you know its in the finals Spain x Germany, which will take place at 2:30 on ABC (channel 7) this sunday. but before the match, the LA galaxy x DC united are playing at 12:00 noon. make sure you dont miss that and youre set. search for players like

    Cristiano ronaldo


    and more from the famous clubs. the best players in the world most likely play in the famous clubs, which are in Europe most of the time. the rules are simple and you learn them in matches


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