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What do you think about Rugby and Cricket as opposed to American football and baseball?

Im interested as how the americans see rugby and cricket and how the rugby or cricket nations see the aforementioned american games.

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8 Responses to “What do you think about Rugby and Cricket as opposed to American football and baseball?”

  1. reeeeb said:

    baseball seems extremely boring, but then im english and i think cricket is really boring too, so i think its just bat and ball games. i think rugby and american football are both pretty good though. probably a bit biased towards rugby because i play.

  2. jsemkralfootball said:

    people who watch cricket eat tea and crumpets.

    people who eat tea and crumpets get pick on a lot.

    therefore, people who watch cricket get picked on a lot.


  3. max m said:

    With few exceptions, the Americans don’t understand or like rugby, cricket (or football, come to that). Similarly, British people don’t understand or like American football and baseball. This is not a reflection on the games themselves, but a general lack of understanding from both sides.

  4. hannah said:

    well i have nothing against the other sports, but i really like football and baseball. they just seem more exciting and fun to me

  5. Celia said:

    Ok, this will be an interesting answer. I was born in Australia, but both of my parents are American, so I have both worlds.

    Cricket is massive here. Everyone plays cricket. That is, everyone except for me. I hate cricket, simply because it takes so long. People always critisize me for liking baseball instead of cricket, because they say that baseball is too structured and the players are such wimps that they have to wear gloves to catch the ball. Cricket is a real part of the culture here, just as baseball is in America.

    American football is referred to here as rugby for wimps. Rugby players see people who play American football and think that they are so precious that they have to wear padding, whereas rugby players get an injury like, every game. Rugby is not as popular here as American football is there, but it’s pretty big.

    I hope this gives you some insight on how we Australians view sport!

  6. JXM said:

    Some Americans are so ignorant, they wouldn’t even know what those sports are much less have an opinion of them. Also, most Americans are ethnocentric and not interested in other cultures.

    (By the way I am American)

    We don’t have Rugby or Cricket to watch on TV here, so unless you watch it on the internet or read about it, you really won’t here much about it…unless you’ve got a friend interested in it for some reason.

    It’s really not about the name of the game though. I think the strategy is the same for the games. So, yea. And, it’s all about image really. The players being tough and having hot babes and having lots of money and “power.”

  7. Hector said:

    I can’t answer for the americans, but as a brit I love my rugby (league) and can see the skill and athleticism that go into american football making it a very good game. Unfortunately the plays last for a what seems like seconds, then stops for minutes. I don’t even know how long an american football game is played for (60 minutes I think), but it goes on for hours with nothing much happening for most of the time. I truely believe it would be a very watchable, and exciting, game if it started, and played with only natural breaks (resetting lines after the ball goes out of play etc) and half time (or quarters). Rugby, on the other hand, is all about speed and playing the ball quickly and keeping the ball in play as much as possible. Also the same team attacks and defends so they must be more versatile and athletic than their american football counterparts.

    Baseball is, sadly, like cricket. Too slow and takes too long. The only exception is limited overs cricket which is much faster and more exciting with the emphasis on hitting the ball as often as possible and scoring runs as quickly as possible.

  8. pulkitsharma_1992 said:

    I do not know much about baseball, rugby or American football. But, being a cricketer I can tell you it is sport that requires everything. Intelligence to endurance and what not. Also in cricket conditions affect everything!!!!!!!!!!!. You can still play a game of rugby in snow. You can still play baseball if it is 45 degrees C. but in cricket all these factors decide what your tactics are going to be. It is a very demanding sport, and deserves a lot more respect that it currently gets.


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