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what are the best top 10 american baseball teams?

i love baseball and don’t know which team to support. they’re all great but i just want to see what other people think as well.

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15 Responses to “what are the best top 10 american baseball teams?”

  1. ur mom said:


  2. nmrhs77 said:

    red sox
    white sox
    detriot tigers
    florida marlins
    blue jays

  3. Andy said:


  4. brian m said:

    the Phils won so they must be number one

    i’m so pumped for the parade

  5. Rick said:

    New York Yankees/Mets
    Boston Red Sox
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    Anaheim Angels
    New York Mets
    Chicago White Sox/Cubs
    St. Louis Cardinals
    Houston Astros
    Oakland Athletics

  6. minor league fan said:

    Being a Cardinals fan I have to say the Cardinals are number one. They have a long glorious history. Only the Yankees have more pennants and World Championships than the Cardinals. The Cardinals won by developing talent and trades they did not try to buy Championships like two team on the east coast have tried to do.

  7. arods.1fan said:

    The Yankees
    The Phillies
    The Rays
    The Angels
    The Cubs
    The Indians
    The Astros
    The Braves
    The Dbacks
    The White Sox

  8. brettj666 said:

    Other peoples opinions is a horrible way for you to pick a team to support.
    You are only going to get a list of teams that they like and NOT of teams they don’t.

    If you like baseball, but don’t support a specific team, it’s my recommendation that you stay that way. It’s the only way to be objective.

    Everyone else thinks that their team somehow ‘deserves’ to win over the next person’s team.

    It gets old.

    If that fails, what team are you physically closer to if you were to visit a stadium, what’s on in your tv area.

  9. Gimme my Ten Bonus Points. said:

    Twins- cause i’m bias
    Red Sox
    Yankees- hate em but the are for sure a top 10 team
    Chicago White Sux

  10. mageno said:

    If you want to see what other people think, a 2004 Harris poll ranked the teams by popularity (see link below for full list). The top ten in order were

    New York Yankees
    Chicago Cubs
    Atlanta Braves
    Boston Red Sox
    Detroit Tigers
    Philadelphia Phillies
    San Francisco Giants
    Baltimore Orioles
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    Pittsburgh Pirates

    Depending on what your motives are this might be a fine way to pick a team to follow, especially if one of your reasons is to meet new peoople, but a better way would probably be to watch as much baseball as you can, and find a specific personal reason you root for a team. It can be as simple as you like the colors or some player has the same name as you.

  11. tim lincecum lvr said:

    giants are the coolest team out there

  12. Bruce J said:

    Can’t narrow it down to the top 10. Can I give you my top 30?

  13. jp said:

    red sox
    white sox

  14. xosam02ox said:

    PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    just got back from the world series parade, it was AMAZING!

    i love the phillies and im SO EXCITED AND HAPPY THEY WON THE WORLD SERIES….but im definatly going to miss the games this year. the playoffs have been so great 🙂

  15. Legendary_Fresh said:

    10. Pittsburgh Pirates
    9. Cincinnati Reds
    8. Florida Marlins
    7. Arizona Diamondbacks
    6. Chicago White Sox
    5. New York Yankees
    4. New York Mets
    3. Philadelphia Phillies
    2. Chicago Cubs
    1. Of course Boston Red Sox! =]


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