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What’s the difference between football and eggball (american football)?

Name all your differences please. Just go ahead and say it and wash your mouth later 🙂

FQ. Do you think the yanks from the american football section always try to torment us?
well said mike
no not you lol, what i mean is the ones that come on here asking questions that just want to annoy us

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17 Responses to “What’s the difference between football and eggball (american football)?”

  1. Mike said:

    Football is good, American Football is not.

  2. LYCAN ۻ Audi in the UK. said:

    American football is a rip-off of Rugby.

  3. CarlosVela said:

    In American Football you can use your hands.
    In soccer you cannot, only goalkeepers.

    In American Football you tackle hard and try to cause as much pain to the person carrying the football.
    In soccer its a red if you try to do that.

    The balls are different.

    In American Football they cover themselves from head to toe in protection.
    In Soccer they only cover shins.

    Finally, football (soccer) is WAY WAY better and more widely played.

    btw. there are a whole lot more differences.

  4. MR S- United will be back said:

    I have no clue why the American Hang-Egg is a sport, it’s an circus to sell advertisement, they wear HELMETS and ARMOUR, they stop every five second and it’s not even a ball game.

  5. Tap said:

    Yes a stupid game that takes about 4 hours to complete and is only meant to take an hour, boring and slow and unless your smashing someone else the Americans hate it.

  6. ღ Dani Lee ღ ★ LFC ★ said:

    Football – Good
    Eggball – Bad

    Football – Need to play for 90mins. Lots of stamina.
    Eggball – You can play eggball if your huge with no stamina at all.

    Football – Not much protection (i.e helemts, etc.)
    Eggball – Wrapped in cotton wool

    Football – Entertain for two sets of 45mins
    Eggball – Bored by 20secs of play max. Then 2 mins drink break.

    Football – Played with a ball
    Eggball – Played with an Egg

    Football – Played by men acting like faries.
    Eggball – Faries acting like their tough.

    Football – Worldwide sport.
    Eggball – Ameircan sport.

    Football – Has internation competitions
    Eggball – It doesnt.

    Football – 11 men to defend and attack
    Eggball – Two seperate teams to do each job

    There’s alot more to.

    FQ: Torment us with what ? Well i guess you did say they TRY.

  7. G4L: Its a chance we gotta take♪ said:

    american football’s cool
    football’s cooler =)

    FQ: OI! i’m a yank too.. grrr don’t discriminate

    EDIT: haha. dw ’bout it.. i’m not completely YANK… but ya know.. haha

  8. Michael P in NJ said:

    Football has Manchester United. American football has the Dallas Cowboys. In other words, in Britain, the most hated, most narcissistic, most in-bed-with-league-officials franchise wears red; in America, it wears blue.

    At least Man U had the good sense to not build a stadium, then another, with a stupid hole in the roof.

  9. bazspur4 said:

    football is a sport with history and culture and played by 90% of the worlds population. eggball was created by neanderthalls for a nation of whooping primates who call themselves world champs when no-one else plays the retarded game.

  10. Johnny dog said:

    american football is gay,football is not

  11. Dylan R said:

    Football is much much better I think, I mean Eggball is only played in America whereas Football is played worldwide over 200 countrys play the sport its a fact it is the most popular sport in the world with competions and leagues worldwide not just in America.
    As Eggball is only played in 3 countries it wouldn’t even make the top 20 of worldwide popular sports.
    As Dani LFC correctly said eggball is for huge people who are not athlete’s whereas football you need good stamina for 90 minutes continous play and therefore you need to be athletic.
    Eggball isn’t a sport its an excuse for people with serious anger management issues to beat each other up.It is a rip off of Rugby and there is little skill involved in it unlike football which is full of skilful players.
    Also they say football is for sissie’s at least they aren’t playing in bullet proof armour for Pete’s sake.
    Football is much more entertaining and free flowing and Eggball just has breaks all the time for adverts,drinks and alot of other pointless crap and even when there playing its just a worst version of Rugby.
    Hence they are not athletes.

    FQ – They try too because they know our sport is far superior and they are annoyed that they where not original enough to come up with their own name for the sport so copied our name with Football(despite the fact they play in their hands).
    Also they can’t handle the fact noone but them care about it.

  12. playmaker4747 said:

    Am I the only person on Earth who loves both these games? OK, they’re way different, and each requires its own set of athletic skills, and each has its own tactics, strategies, and methods…..but why can’t people just appreciate each for what it is, and leave it at that? The world is big; variety is good….

  13. Lord Modric of Tottenham said:

    I love Football… But Dont Like Handegg….. This is enough reasons for me….

    FQ, Just as much as we torment them… I posted that handegg question in there section yesterday… just for sh!ts and giggles!!!!

  14. CYCLOPS said:

    American football:There’s too many men on the pitch,the ball is the wrong shape and they spend too much time hugging each other wearing those tight shorts and big shoulder pads ! Football proper : is too complecated for them as they cant understand the scoring system ! Nor why the ball is round !

  15. AZ said:

    Why do Brits care about American football at all? You don’t play it, I don’t think many of you watch it, you’ve got your own sports to watch that you obviously enjoy much more. Why the need to badmouth it? It’s not as if American football is competing in some way with soccer? Again, why in the world do you Brits care about a game that you don’t play?

  16. joshjo said:

    In football you play for 90 minutes.
    In American football you play for 60 minutes.

    There are halves in football.
    There are quarters in American football.

    Footballers wear nothing but shirts, shorts, shinguards, socks, and cleats.
    Football Players wear Helmets, shoulder pads, shirt, an undershirt tight pants, leg pads, socks and cleats.

    Football is popular around the world.
    American football is only popular in America (you guessed it).

    You can’t use your hands in football unless you are the goalkeeper.
    You can use your hands anytime in American football.

    Football is played continuously.
    American football has breaks between downs.

    Football has goals.
    American football has touchdowns and field goals.

    Football refs pull out cards.
    American football refs pull out flags.

    A goal in football is worth 1 point.
    In American football, a touchdown is worth 6 points, a field goal is worth 3 points, a safety is worth 2 points, a two point conversion is worth 2 points, and an extra point is worth 1 point.

    Football have faster players.
    American football have stronger players.

    Football is played almost year round.
    American Football is played only in the fall and winter.

    Football teams are called clubs.
    American football teams are called teams.

    Americans do not like football.
    Europeans hate American football.

    A football is round,
    An American football is shaped like an egg (Handegg).

    American football is a great sport, but…

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