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Is the plan to build a National football academy a huge waste of money?

What the UK need is lots and lots of places where youngsters can play a game of football free of coaches and bloodsucking football clubs. We have few talented players because there is almost nowhere that kids can go and play football locally and on the spur of the moment.

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5 Responses to “Is the plan to build a National football academy a huge waste of money?”

  1. steven e said:

    yes,whats wrong with the football clubs?

  2. Aztec Soldier said:

    We, i dont think is a waste of money. What’s better than to see kids play their favorite sport. Where there’s no other place to play it. If the supervisors love the game than why not try it?

  3. m356germez9 said:

    The reason that the English dont have any talent is because their style of play is so out dated. They play like a bunch of 10 year olds, just ready to kick the ball as hard as they can when it comes to them. What is that?? Im not talking about the gerrards and rooneys but everyone else. I think there should be a whole change in the philosophy of the english type of long ball, for the teams in the UK to be successful. To do that they will need a national acadamy that can produce players and coaches who all put their thoughts together and come up with a new plan. Just like the Dutch have done for years, and look at their players.

  4. Tomas said:

    no but wembley was

  5. Sylvester said:

    I agree. Most of the great players did not enhance their skills by going to academy’s but by playing in the local park, or street, every night of the week.
    I never see kids playing football now, partly because they have computer games etc, and partly cos they have nowhere to play.
    The parks I played football on are now covered in houses and the small bands of green land have signs that say ‘No Ball Games!’


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