What should i do to prepare for a football game?

I have a football ,(soccer), tournament tommorow. 6 a side, i play goalkeeper. What i would like to know is what should i do to prepare for the game? Food, stretches etc?

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9 Responses to “What should i do to prepare for a football game?”

  1. Earwigo said:

    Eat a light meal 3 hours before the kick off, and WARM UP before the game, i.e. stretching

  2. bridgetforev said:

    r u seriously asking this question?
    if you are part of the team, PRACTICEEEEE!!
    if your just gonna be a crowd, SCREAM!!

  3. tony w said:

    1 Ten pints of lager
    2 Massive curry
    3 Sex with your girlfriend
    4 Sex with her mom

  4. mikeyyy :] - mike's maestros said:

    go to the toilet… do some stretches… drink an energy drink… eat a energy bar or something… then flush the toilet… then wash your hands and then PLAY!

    by the way do all this while still on the toilet…

    oh and doing a chant like the new zealand rugby team can’t hurt…

  5. Soccer Star said:

    just concentrate and eat fruit and lots of water so your body gets healthy and hydrated. don’t drink soda because it tears your muscles. practice on your reflexes and quickness. for the stretches stretch every thing.

    ~~good luck~~

  6. Rick said:

    Don’t think about it too much, it will just stress you out. Just do what you have to do then do something to get your mind off of it. Play video games or something …just not fifa 08 …LOL

  7. Dale H said:

    just got to be relaxed as a keeper you do not need any energy stuff as you should have enough energy to play in goal just do some stretches and think positive best of luck.

  8. Satnaf said:

    Eat a banana just before the game and another at half-time. They are good source of energy. Always be alert especially being the keeper. And never think about the score or winning the tournament as this will make u lose ur concentration.

    Good Luck 🙂

  9. DJ 30 said:

    You should avoid eating and drinking for about an hour before the match and do A LOT of stretches before the match by 5 minutes untill the match starts.
    Hope this help


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