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English football needs to start developing English footballers ?

The influx of many ordinary players makes me fear for the future of our game. These ordinary overseas players do nothing for our game and we need to start bringing home grown players through and playing regular football. We even have to employ overseas coaches- and no, i am NOT a racist. What is happening to the game in England ?

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8 Responses to “English football needs to start developing English footballers ?”

  1. bd said:

    have u ever thought that there are hardly any good english players in england? thats probably y they need too find other players elsewhere

  2. Helen said:

    Traditionally British people are now second class citizens in Britain , police can never be found when needed but they guard mosques and temples 24/7 . Education budgets are laid to waste sorting out special rules for the Ethnic “Minority?” . The only time a British person is assumed to be white with a surname evolved from ancient British history is when a bunch of yobbos cause trouble at a foreign football match , this is despite the fact that the average British person cannot even pronounce the name of those involved .

    I am not prejudice i just see things and speak things in black and white .

  3. Bonnie Parker said:

    You’re right. there should still be a limit on how many foreign players any team can have. The money saved by preventing our game being overrun by outsiders should be invested in club academies to bring through the home grown talent. Can you see the likes of Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal or Liverpool agreeing to that though? No me neither! The state of our national team is a disgrace.

  4. mk said:

    Aston Villa and Arsenal are trying. The actuall Arsenal team might not have any english players at all but they have produced a bunch of good english players who play regularly all over europe. Cole, Penant, Sidwell, Bentley, Muamba… the list goes on.

  5. thefury2003 said:

    I completely agree with everything you have said. It is not a question of race, but of nurturing homegrown talent. Having said that, the main culprits are foreign managers, and foreign club owners, who have no responsibility or desire to root out English talent and develop it. More often than not, they have pumped money into a Premiership club as a gamble, or flight of fancy, and they want it to pay off today, rather than tomorrow.

    So what is happening to the game in England? It is becoming a corporation, a business, something where money is the only language anyone seems to understand. Of course, money is beneficial in many ways, but it depends how it is spent, and over here it is spent on buying the overseas superstar of today, rather than the English superstar of tomorrow.

    A major problem also, is that an English player of any stature is so rare, that they often get priced completely out of the market, meaning most clubs wouldn’t even be able to buy them if they wanted to! For example, Frank Lampard is now the wrong side of 30, a bad place to be as a centre-midfield playmaker, but I guarantee that his asking price would still be somewhere in the upper-stratosphere.

    So while everyone from around the world may be rubbishing and laughing at our chances in the World Cup this summer, I’m just amazed we’re even in it! Hopefully it wont be our last, because if something isn’t done about our situation fast, then it certainly will be.

  6. LFC Gypsy Rose Kopette said:

    Is this you Sam A of Blackburn huh? You moaning about Arsenal and Portsmouth again? Come on show yourself! lol

  7. Jim D said:

    there are a few good footballers coming through. gibbs,walcott,young,freeman,rhys murphy etc.england will prob have to rely on arsenal to produce the good ones

  8. Karl M said:

    3 f rule again , then we have wales ireland scotland, so we have to be called britain , but the fans wont bond, so the influx goes on.


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