How is the best way to condition for baseball?

My baseball season starts in one week (short notice) last year i struggled in my hitting is there any tips i could get to improve hitting or the best way to get ready for baseball fast?

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3 Responses to “How is the best way to condition for baseball?”

  1. AMac4108 said:

    With such short notice? About all I can say is do some work on a hitting tee and go to the batting cages. Don’t worry about going into the unbelievably fast cages go into something you can handle and work on your swing. You want the coach to notice good mechanics not that you can make contact with a 90 mph fastball and a horrible swing.

    Good Luck!

  2. Brandon Phillips is the BEST said:

    just hit off a tee, alot of the pros hit hundreds of balls off the tee every week

  3. jmank222 said:

    batting cage and practice


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