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What seats are the best to buy for a baseball game?

Me and a friend are going to l.a this summer and want to watch a basball game. What kind of seats are the best to buy at a reasonable price?

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20 Responses to “What seats are the best to buy for a baseball game?”

  1. ♥♫Bia♥☆☮ said:

    the first or the last
    or the one clesest to the food court

  2. Sharon S said:

    bleacher seats are reasonable and fun

  3. English till i die said:

    mid court duno wat row though

  4. Jetser said:


  5. Watchman said:

    I prefer First base side,down front.I like being real close to the action.

  6. Franko Rizzo said:

    the cheepest ones. then you have more to pay on beer before and after the game.

  7. Kelsey E. said:

    for me, few rows right behind 1st base

  8. whitneywyatt44 said:

    if you can get em then i would say right behind home plate, within the first 10-15 rows preferrably

  9. Tapestry6 said:

    I always liked the second deck between home and third base. You can see better than the ground level and have a chance to catch fly balls.

  10. relph1327 said:

    bleachers are where the party’s always at.
    and they are cheaper.

  11. fozdoiguacu said:

    Nearest to the hot dogs!!!

  12. spazsmarty said:

    buy either lawn seats or right behind home base

  13. Silverback said:

    I’m a die hard bleacher creature =)

  14. physcobilly27 said:

    i have caught 23 balls before and most of them i caught in the right field seats in my first game i caught 2 of them there

  15. *Positivity* said:

    3rd base line, ground level for sure.

  16. yankeefan2851 said:

    bleacher seats are high energy and affordable, but other far outfield seats are not as good, but anywhere mid outfield-homeplate but those are generally more expensive. And while you may want to watch a major league game, minor league games are more affordable and its nice to see in a few years when they make the majors, and say “I’ve seen that guy play in the minors”

  17. Barry K said:

    Directly behind home plate. This way you can see the action just as you can on TV.

    Reasonable Prices; It depends who the opposition is and both teams standings in their division. If there is little or nothing to play for (no hope of the play offs for the World Series) then prices might come down.

  18. Mark said:

    The back Seats so you have the best view!

  19. JO M said:

    stay at home and watch the game from the best cseat your couch

  20. i know evrything said:

    if i was you i would go bottom deck because you have a better view and if your lucky you could even sit inches away
    from your favourite player

    please vote for me


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