What and when are the best times to see a baseball game?

In june i am going to visit NYC…and am really wanting to see a baseball game! Firstly, will there be games on when i go out there?

If there are, im guessing the nearest stadium will be the Yankee stadium so who could we see play them? as you may guess i dont know much about it but have been told to see a game….so im asking for info!


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  1. Bob said:


    Click on schedules.


  2. 18 gibbs 20 said:

    In New York you’re lucky because there are two teams . So one of them will be home while the other is away. You can see the Yankees or the Mets depending on which is home. Go to mlb.com and check the schedule there for the dates you’ll be in New York and you can plan accordingly. The times are set by the clubs.

  3. Fungo said:

    Here are the schdules for the Yankees and Mets. The Yankees home games vs. the Phillies and Met during June 16-20 are probably the best to see at Yankee Stadium. The Mets home games vs Tigers and Twins during June 22-27 should also be good.

    If I were you and in NYC at the time, I would pick the Yankees vs. Phila or NYMets. Of course, if you are there for an extended time, you may be able to go to both Yankee Stadium and Citi Field.
    Have fun.



  4. StevieB said:

    When there`s one on


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