How to get better at baseball?

Last baseball season i was a freshman and i got moved up to sophmores and im playing sophmores again next season but i really want to play varsity next year ive been hitting off of tees going to the batting cages every day for the past 3 weeks and i just dont see any improvement on my hitting so what drills can i do for feilding and hitting so i can make varsity next year.

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  1. soccerlove said:

    practice ask a coach what u should work on
    have some one from varsity help u

  2. cetropolis said:

    ask your coach.he’ll be the expert on it

  3. The Answer said:

    Become a great bunter.

  4. em said:

    as far as batting goes, you should try tossing the ball in the air, and swinging, like coach does for in field practice as well as pop fly’s, That will help time. Have one of the pitchers and catchers practice as you work on your hitting. you can do that anytime. Get a hit stick and have someone hold it. toss up golf balls and hit those, as far as fielding goes, speed.. get to the ball, get the ball make the play… To work on that, is the same thing you do in practice, have someone hit or throw the ball, grounders, pop fly’s, have a person at which ever base so you have a place to throw to, and remember, speed is major factor. ( if you get a peice of the ball when hitting, GET ON BASE!! do sprints, time yourself running to first, then beat it)

  5. TellyT1234 said:

    If money is not a problem you could get an instructor

  6. Nic said:

    get one of those bounce backs for fielding and a come around base ball things for hitting

  7. Alex said:

    This year i found myself as the star centerfielder of my team and i wanted to play infield but it didnt work for me. I just kept playing catch with my bro and he would throw me high pop ups. I found myself in a slump hitting this year but here r my pointers: when u load only move ur legs, keep a level swing, extend ur hands, and think about something that angers u

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