Where can I get some old baseball games?

I am looking for some Baseball games from last season. Since I live in UK, we have no american tv neither are there any .avi or .mpg files in the internet to download. Also at amazon.com is pretty hard to find anything. Is it possible to get some dvd or anything at all for us, europeans?

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4 Responses to “Where can I get some old baseball games?”

  1. pasado manana tu madre said:

    there should be some sort of best of 2006 on amazon or eBay

  2. Tom O said:

    mlbtv it’s a pay site that shows archived games.

  3. mattapan26 said:

    Here are the best Red Sox games of old. Other teams may have similar features on their sites.

  4. Edward G said:

    Cable or satelite Tv. the Sports classics(ESPN Classics) channel.


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