Why do British people think Baseball is only popular in America?

Baseball is extremely popular in South America,Mexico,and Central America!In Japan,baseball made it as top 3 most popular sports!In Panama and Cuba,baseball is the most popular sport!What is up with this?

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8 Responses to “Why do British people think Baseball is only popular in America?”

  1. Shanks said:

    Because it`s crap… It`s blokes playin rounders.

  2. flamingo said:

    do you realise asking the question a million times isn’t gonna help?

    I didn’t know the answer and I wont know the answer!
    no offence

  3. Hammarskjold said:

    Because they enjoy better sports like soccer! Go soccer! Ultimate frisbee is cool too!

  4. jss26 said:

    coz baseball is just rounders which you play in primary school and then forget about. soz x

  5. Buzzard said:

    To be fair, we don’t hear very much about it coming from those other areas you mention, and we hear an awful lot about it coming from America. I knew it was big in Japan though, for what it’s worth. Plus the British are probably not alone in the world as not being that interested in baseball. If we were more interested in it, we’d be more likely to know these things, eh, old bean?

  6. Panther said:

    What are you talking about? In South America the only country where it’s popular and even played is Venezuela, the rest of South America doesn’t give a shit about baseball: soccer, basketball, volleyball reign supreme. For the rest central america Panama and Cuba are small countries they just followers and as far as the japanese I thought about it and they are not good at more physical game like soccer or basketball so a finess game like baseball fits them perfectly. Baseball wasn’t even consider for the Olympics get your facts right!

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