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Why is the baseball world series called the world series if only america competes?

A guy at work has been annoying everyone at work with this question for over a year now. I have tried everything to find out why and I have no idea, has anyone else got any idea?

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15 Responses to “Why is the baseball world series called the world series if only america competes?”

  1. MC Hummer said:


  2. youngjinlim2003 said:

    it just means the U.S.A

  3. Dave said:

    Probably because maybe 10% of the League are actual Americans…the rest are from all over the world!

  4. videogamer91193 said:

    It might be because we were the first to play basketball but, I still wouldnt like other countries to be able to play in the world series.

  5. TheOnlyBeldin said:

    Because we were pretty much the only country playing baseball when the World Series started in 1903.

  6. Dave39A said:

    What about the Blue Jays??..still play in Canada last I saw (which isnt part of the United States)

  7. ManR333 said:

    It’s called the world series coz, a long time ago, the first championships were actually sponsored by a newspaper called the World, hence the World Series.

  8. Biff Scooter said:

    There were rumors that the NY World newspaper back in the 1800s coined it as thus.

    It just morphed into that from the start. I wouldn’t worry about it as back in the 1940s even when Wolves beat the touring Moscow Dynamo, the headlines declared that team soccer champions of the world. It’s just hyperbole that is based in a pre-Internet past where the world was something that existed mainly on any nation’s shores and no one grasped the global nature of sports yet.

    The winner of the World Series would be the de facto best club team in baseball in most fans’ opinion. Whenever MLB All-Star teams or even club teams tour Japan, they win the series (only lost one series I believe) and these are exhibition series not really taken seriously by MLBers.

  9. adamj933 said:

    no only america competes, the toronto blue jays and the now nonexistant montrol expos were both in canada

  10. Tony T said:

    The series was started by an american newspaper called “The World” It soon became known as “The World’s Series”, and eventually “The World Series”

  11. gail mac said:

    the americans think they are the world.most of them dont relise the world is biger then the usa.

  12. cisca_ooh_lala said:

    I would have to agree with Dave…LOL

  13. Juan Carlos L said:

    because most people in the teams that are in the world series are not even americans, most teams these days have dominicans,cubans and puertoricans on their teams, white people better step up or baseball will be taken over by caribean players

  14. kingpaulii said:

    It was sponsor by the World Newsgroup and the name stuck. Lots of things are named after sponsors

  15. Georgie Porgie said:

    You tell him it is because we are Americans. We can do that.


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