Would you recommend seeing a baseball game in New York?

I am going to NYC in September and while I am there the Mets are playing at home. I’ve never been to a baseball game and I’m thinking of going. Is it a wise idea? Are there places that I really shouldn’t sit? Any adivce/information greatly recieved.

Also, how far out of Manhatten is the Mets stadium?

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11 Responses to “Would you recommend seeing a baseball game in New York?”

  1. [email protected] said:

    I would go, Its an experience thing, I think you would enjoy it.. I went to see on last time i was over was amazing game….

  2. thebabe300 said:

    its in Queens

  3. Andy said:

    I was in the same situation as u a couple of years back, i went to one but to be honest it lasted 4hrs and it was awfully stop starty. If your only going for a short time i wouldnt waste the time but if your their for abit longer it was an experience

  4. jigokusabre said:

    Shea is pretty far from Manhatten, (It’s in Queens), but the #7 subway (if I recall) goes right there.

    I’d recommend going to an MLB game soley because I enjoy the sport. As far as going to a game in NYC as opposed to other cities… well, at least Met fans are less obnoxious than Yankee fans.

    Buy tickets early, and spend the 40-60 dollars for reasonable seats. If you’re going to go, you may as well get a decent view of the action,

  5. Barry K said:

    Mets Stadium is the Shea Stadium. I think it’s in East Rutherford (go to their official website to make sure).

    Baseball’s a great sport. When I went to New York I saw the Yankees.

    Now I watch baseball on the net at http://www.mlb.com

    Live matches you would have to pay for, but once the match has been played then you can click on MLB TV and watch the selected match for free.

    You should do this to get to know their players, and also the basic rules of the game, the atmosphere, etc.

    The best place to sit is directly above home plate, in the upper tier. This gives you a birds eye view of the ground. If you get seats out by first or third base then you need to take a baseball glove as there’s a fair chance that you will catch a ball. If you do, NEVER throw it back into play (unlike cricket), it’s considered unlucky and you will be escorted from the ground. Saw this on the net a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn’t believe what was happening.

    Anyway, have a great time, and I hope that it’s a tight game with extra innings ( 12 – 11 ) after 11 innings would be ideal.

  6. philip o said:

    go if you got the $. don’t sit more then 200 feet from home plate.

  7. bloodtypeoneg said:

    Yes it is always worth seeing a ball game in any city

  8. 15fsg546rge1rrheljh45hjr90459ty3 said:

    If you are looking to see a baseball game for the first time, the Mets might not be the best choice. If you decide to go you should sit in section 100,221…which is in Yankee Stadium. The view is much better from there.

  9. ♥Jennifer Jeter™ said:

    Yeah. Its one of the most exciting things at least Ive been through

    PS See the yanks not the mets. The Yankees are more mature—its more exciting-but then again im the one who calls myself Jennifer Jeter

  10. kurt w said:

    Well whenever you have a chance to catch a game outside your home state is always a treat, I would get to Yankee Stadium as it is being replaced with a new one, the house that RUTH built is worth seeing. Good Luck and Enjoy.

  11. s_i_m_o_n_bar_sinister said:

    Yes go. It is a shame you can’t go to Yankee stadium but Go to a game. Shea is very close to Manhattan. You can take mass transit from Manhattan if that is where you are staying.
    I am going to a Yankee Game in Sept when I go up there.


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