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What are the traits of real football fans?

I am a massive Manchester United fan and have been for 25 years. The club is in my blood.
I dont hate any other football club and never have done, in fact I admire Uniteds rivals for their traditions and styles, but what to you defines real football fans as I come across too many fake ones.

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7 Responses to “What are the traits of real football fans?”

  1. Metaphoric-ally speaking... said:

    Loyalty and passion.

    Anyone who jumps ship is a glory hunter.

  2. xmodifier21 said:

    I would say, he or she goes crazy whenever their team scores/win…own at least one jersey, watch or at least tries to watch every game, knows all the starters, some bench players, and of course talk a lot about their team, moreover defend their team from insults from other teams/fan when they lose, not deserting them or staying quit. That’s the least you can expect from a true football fan.

  3. siRyan said:

    if your asking this question i would say your not a real fan…I h8 when people post questions about this…ofc ppl will call us glory hunters…cos we win things and therefore are in the glory..and there will always be marginal football fans that simply like to watch the best teams/football…but thats not sinical or a bad thing…So surely you should know if you yourself are a real fan or not…and don’t feel the need to defend yourself online…to people you don’t even know…

    i think i’m a real man utd fan cos;

    I didn’t choose a team- i supported the team my dad did….
    I live in Manchester
    I buy an Old T season ticket
    I buy a shirt every year
    I subscribe to MUTV
    I go to occasional away game (inc. cup finals and community shields at the new wembley)

    p.s I’m not defending myself…lol

  4. Sylvester said:

    Once you’ve chosen your team, you stick by them through thick and thin.

  5. Efil4zaggiN-Fortius Quo Fidelius said:

    Well the motto of my Australian Rules Football club, St Kilda is this:
    Fortius Quo Fidelius
    which is Latin for Strength through Loyalty.
    The motto of the Saint’s answers your question

    Also, if you live overseas, you are under no compulsion whatsoever to go to like 100 games. I’d be happy if I could go to Stamford Bridge just once in my lifetime.
    You aren’t a glory hunter if you support a club from another country, especially if your domestic league was as $hit as the Australian A-League.
    To quote our national team coach, Pim Verbeek:
    “A Bundesliga training session has more quality than an A-League match”

  6. wolfhound69er said:

    Pain Suffering Heartache the odd day of joy and still believeing you can do it
    but im a Spurs fan have been for 40 odd years

  7. laurens h said:

    Fat, middle aged, like pies and drinking bitter and live at home with their mums!


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