Why do baseball players wear face paint?

Everyone has seen baseball players with charcoal or black paint smeared under their eyes. Where did this originate? Does it serve any kind of purpose or is it simply for good luck?

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10 Responses to “Why do baseball players wear face paint?”

  1. Voda said:

    It’s called eye black. Since the color “black” attracts light, the players put it under their eyes so light, that is headed for their eyes, veers off at the last minute, and gets absorbed by the eye black. It’s been proven to improve vision, in daylight. Sometimes, players have to look high in the sky to locate a ball, and the less light that gets into their eye, the better they can see it.

  2. ghost said:

    To replace sunglasses, it helps take the glare.

  3. Smani said:

    The smug is there because sun can reflect off their skin under their eyes and flash into their eyes. The smug reduces sun in their eyes.

  4. sailor said:

    It helps to stop glare.

  5. evad_4202002 said:

    To help block the light from glaring in their eyes

  6. efffb92 said:

    This EYE BLACK allows players to see better because the black absorbs the light. This seems to come from Native Americans who used it for war paint. which ironically some players may use this for as well.

  7. gene m said:

    Actually it does serve a purpose. It’s called “lamp-black” and it is placed under the eyes during day games in order to prevent the sun from “splashing” back into the eyes of the player in the field. They now make a black “band-aid” type so that at the end of the game they just peel it off.

  8. samdugan said:

    The Black keeps the sun out of their eyes.

    Its not face paint.

  9. knebworth said:

    It’s called lamp black

  10. Velda Llerena said:

    It certainly does take quite some time to find fantastic information such as this. Thank you very much.


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