What steps can be taken to eliminate corruption in football?

Would the collapse of Manchester United football club help the cause, and to what extent?

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18 Responses to “What steps can be taken to eliminate corruption in football?”

  1. CAREFREE said:

    Get over it!

  2. filya puta said:

    Remove Alex fergerson and Christine ronaldo from the game and it’s sorted over-night……

  3. nuurkey07 said:

    just admit the defeat and get on the life ok u guys always have reasons just accept it


    If you’re not a sore loser then i don’t know what is.

    Move on Ash.

  5. El Niño♥ said:

    If we accuse them of always blaming something else when they lose then shouldn’t we say well done and move on?

    Yes sometimes they cheat and don’t get punished but come on.

  6. BigD said:

    If you have proof or evidence then raise it through the proper channels. If not then shut up.

  7. native c said:

    Get rid of the African players who are run by corrupt African agents from corrupt countries in African. If they want to be corrupt, keep it in Africa!!!!

  8. plastic.manc said:

    were not corrupt

  9. bails said:

    Sour grapes. Bet you said nothing when Everton lost against Liverpool in that derby when the ref was playing for Liverpool

  10. ♥ Chelsea Blue ♥ said:

    ahh you’re just hopeless. i would still live when chelsea would be beaten 100-0 by man u. don’t be so pathetic and get a hobby.

  11. SUPASPURS said:

    what about corruption on this site???? you are doing my head in today!!!

  12. ThEy ALL wANt a PieCE of ME2 said:

    You were battered.. get over it… 3-0,..3-0..

  13. Lucky said:

    and you say i am bad

  14. osprey said:

    You won,t stop it, there is far too much money at stake now
    The first cup final at the new wembley was the best ever example of it, or rather the rounds leading to it. There was only ever going to be the two clubs that got there in that final, the cheats had fourteen representatives on the field of play throughout
    Now the new wembley is old hat the so called BIG clubs once again couldn,t give a shoit e.g. look at this years semi,s and prospective final.

    The bonus for fans of the beautiful game though is that this years will probably be a much better game to watch than the shite that brought the curtain up on footballs new home

  15. ilya b said:

    Ferguson to be blamed no doubt he is the cancer :))) He always treatens referees before and after the games old man, but not a classy one arghhh.

  16. αιя said:

    Go get laid, thats if you can get a girl…retard.

  17. MrModest said:

    God!!get over it..we won you Lost!!!
    you were 1-0 down even before Mascha got himself sent off,if you need some one to blame,blame him,his persistent fouling,use of the F-WORD!
    eliminate corruption lol..your mad,what about all them times when Stephan Henchoz played as goalkeeper(blatant handballs) for Liverpool never got done.Carragher and his fouls,Stevie G 2footed lunges,also Mascha getting Aliadere sent off at Anfield!!

  18. Kayla said:

    On voit immédiatement que vous connaissez bien
    le thème

  19. suceuse de queues sous-vêtement bandants said:

    Bon je n’ai pas fini de lire toutefois je reviens demain


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