What is the offside rule in soccer?

Soccer can be a fun sport, but the rules may be confusing for some. The rule that gets the biggest questions mark from players or observers who are new to the game is the offside rule. Although they may know what is going on, on the field, during most of the game, they may get confused when there is a penalty during the game for disobeying the offside rule. Below is an explanation of this rule to help you understand what is going on while you are watching or observing the game.

It is hard to pinpoint exactly what the purpose of the offside rule is but it is easy enough to make a comparison to the same rule in hockey. In hockey, the offside rule is meant to prevent that certain type of “cherry-picking” by a player that has its position in the front of the opponent team’s goal line. It would be quite easier to imagine what an offside player is, rather than explaining it therefore seeing this within an actual match can make things easier.

The thing is that without this certain rule soccer will be nothing else than a very large ping-pong game. The offside player is forbidden to participate in the game thus making things more interesting for the other players: they will have to avoid long kicks and start thinking about tactics that involve dribbling and passing – obviously, a more fun and complex game. The Offside rule in soccer comes to promote a new type of teamwork and involves all players in the action.

Hopefully this explanation will give you the information you need to play or observe the game, while knowing exactly what is going on, on the field.

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