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What is the best undies to wear under my football shorts?

Can anyone please tell me what are the best type of undies to wear under football shorts and colour. I have heard that some people who play football wear male thongs or jockstraps.
Please help and advise or even send me some pics of you wearing them.


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16 Responses to “What is the best undies to wear under my football shorts?”

  1. stevo132001 said:

    A nice pair of Y fronts would look good on ya bud!!!

  2. mh410 said:

    i wore those compression shorts. they give u mobility and kept your junk in place.

  3. monkeymanelvis said:

    Wear something comfortable – that is the most important thing.

  4. appletini7 said:

    Live dangerously! Go commando !!!!!!

  5. middenmaker said:

    For you, suspender belt in black, with nylons, and french knickers, suit you sir!

  6. SexyTrojan said:

    Women’s lacy boy shorts.

    They are comfortable and sexy.

    Victoria’s Secret makes them in all sizes and colors!

  7. Miz Naughty said:

    calvin clien. lol

  8. petrovg said:

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to wear underpants under sport shorts at all. I think they have been specifically designed (hence the extra bits inside) for the least resistance against the skin and to wick moisture in order to prevent burns and be as comfortable as possible.

    Go commando.

  9. SEB C said:

    None if you are a girl. (Bit predictable, I know!)

  10. Laurence F said:

    black pringle boxers

    style…and comfot

  11. rafal_4 said:


  12. Spook said:

    tight block and tackle boxers,to stop your dangley bits flapping around when you run,cause its bloody sore.

  13. Ben H said:

    Tight ones

  14. LFC***** said:
  15. someone said:

    Football as in soccer? Compression shorts or athletic briefs would be just fine. A jock is not necessary. Make sure you get the kind with wicking performance so you don’t have sweaty undies up against you.

  16. Michelle C said:

    Jock strap


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