What appeals most to Americans about Baseball?

In the UK our main sports areFootball (soccer) and Rugby (American football minus the shinpads)

But what appeals most to Americans about baseball?

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16 Responses to “What appeals most to Americans about Baseball?”

  1. Joe said:

    beer and hot dogs, also missing work for a day game.

  2. denaligirl said:

    Baseball is boring and has NO appeal with me. And I’m an American, personally I prefer basketball.

  3. XoxoX said:

    thats something ive always wanted to know as well,heheh!**

  4. Nick P said:

    It’s very simple to unserstand and it splits up nicely into short sections ideal for tv advertising.

  5. Sunshine said:

    I grew up with happy memories of my dad taking us to the Cleveland Indians baseball games–that is why it’s appealing to me.In reality,if I’m honest–it IS a bit of a boring game! LOL

  6. Omstarts said:

    Like most American sports, an obsession with percentages, hit rates, general pointless statistics.

    Have you seen what they do to footbal – sorry soccer – they have assists. Come on, how can this be interesting to man or beast?

  7. Captain S said:

    Baseball is an individual sport in as much as it’s pitcher against batter until the ball gets put in play and then it becomes a team sport!

    This sport is SO difficult that you are considered successful if you hit the ball three out of ten times!

    It is a sport of skill and patience, but most of all!!!!


  8. meatnutt said:

    dude i wonder the same thing i don’t like baseball, but I’m guessing the beer and hotdogs.
    American football is nothing like rugby i play both and its not fair to compare them.

  9. Donna S said:

    The most difficult thing of any sport is hitting a baseball. The ball is round, the bat is round and the batter has to hit it square on.

    I don’t lnow what appeals to me most…maybe the high prices at the concession stand or the indecent salaries the players earn.

  10. righteousjohnson said:

    No Clock.

    It’s a sport normal sized people can compete in.

    It’s more cerebral. You can compensate for personal physical deficiencies by out-thinking your opponent.

    It doesn’t place an undue premium on speed, strength, or bulk. Instead it strikes a balance between them.

  11. Máire Siobhán said:

    Baseball is a beautiful, pastoral game. It is not militaristic, with seizing the opposing team’s ground, as football does. It’s a game based on grace, not on brute force. It’s the only game in pro sports that does not play against a clock. Moving an individual player around the bases as each batter takes a turn at the plate is an art form. It’s the only game I know of where a player will “sacrifice out” to move a team mate ahead. It’s the truest form of team sports and strategy.

    Filmmaker Ken Burns made a film for PBS on baseball several years ago, and it helps enjoy the game to know it’s history and understand the strategy.

    People I know who say they don’t like it, don’t understand the game.

  12. umpiresweet said:

    Ameican favorite past time. get to watch your favorite players on the feild. really great commanotirs (most of the time)

    Is just like you are football/soccer my favorite sport will be baseball. its pretty much the same reason just a diffrent sport.

    I mean i cant see my self even trying to hit a 95 mph fastball.
    I umpire as well so its good to see that.

  13. Lawn Gnome said:

    rightousjohnson tagged this one.
    No clock or time limit is first.It use to be the sunshine game. I guess that is another paradise lost.

  14. second only to trollalalala said:

    Máire Siobhán: Poetic…

  15. peaco1000 said:

    Endless amounts of innings and nice comfy gloves to catch the ball.

  16. Boomer Wisdom said:

    Baseball is the only team sport which retains a huge emphasis on individuality. You can actually root for favorite players, even if they’re on opposing teams. When that pitch starts to wind up; it’s man-to-man.

    It has a level of complexity to it that’s greater than football or basketball.


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