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How do I go about setting up my own football memorabilia shop?

I’m an avid colector of football memorabilia, mainly signed shirts and photos etc. I want to set up my own (online?) shop selling such products but I don’t know how to go about it. Firstly, how do I obtain the autographs? I could go to training grounds etc and pick up one off signatures from players but as I plan to run a business, how do I ensure I have a constant supply of autographs and have enough stock? Who should I be speaking to, players agents? Clubs? Would i need to set up an agreement for example where I pay x amount of money to get 50 signed shirts? I really want to set up my opwn shop but I have no idea about how to get the stock so any advice would be great-who to speak to first etc. Thanks

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3 Responses to “How do I go about setting up my own football memorabilia shop?”

  1. catawhumpus said:

    Learn to forge signatures on footballs.

  2. pat said:

    You can set up and ebay business. Thats what I do. If you know a lot about autographs like how much certain players autographs are worth, you can get some great steals on ebay. Then turn around and sell it for more. The key here is knowing how much autographs go for and not overpaying. Get the best deal possible.

  3. vidéo xxx chaude d'une filoute Gouine said:

    Post incroyablement intéressant


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