Good place to sit at Rogers centre in Toronto to watch a game of baseball with the Blue Jays?

We are planning to watch a game of baseball at the Rogers centre when we are there later in the year, Where is a good place to sit to enjoy the game?

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5 Responses to “Good place to sit at Rogers centre in Toronto to watch a game of baseball with the Blue Jays?”

  1. watkins_shane1 said:

    I would suggest the 100 level behind home plate or first or third base line. There are approximately 40 rows in the 100 level, I would suggest sitting row 25 or higher because then you’ll be shaded from the sun by the overhang of the 200 level.

    If you look at the seating chart in the link below, I’m talking about the purple seats after the yellow ones.

    Tickets for the Blue Jays are not that expensive compared to other cities. In fact, when we play the Yankees, the city is flooded with New Yorkers because its cheaper to spend the weekend in Toronto and watch 2 games than it is to buy just the tickets to 2 games in New York.

  2. brettj666 said:

    Living in the Toronto area, I would suggest the best place to sit is your living room. (horrible place for baseball), but if you have to go to the SkyDome, level 100’s and 200’s are the only decent seats.

    In fact, they move people from the cheapies 500 levels down so it looks ‘full’ when they scan and they just avoid filming the top level.

    It is a very inexpensive place to watch baseball, compared to other cities. Every concession with the exception of Tim Horton’s is priced between 50 to 100% higher for the same product than on the outside.

    Tim Horton’s (coffee, bagels, donuts) have the exact same pricing.

  3. Justin said:

    Second level. Get a good view looking above. I always find it easier to look down then to look ahead. You see the field better.

  4. ULAM said:

    Depends on what you want to spend. The best seats are second level, though I disgree with one of the previous answers about the upper deck. You can usually get seats in the section (524) right behind the plate if the visiting team isn’t a big draw. If you can manage to get something in the first 5-10 rows, the view is pretty good.

  5. Alex Rodriquez* said:

    I would say some thing like sections 115-118


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