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Why is football considered more important viewing than coronation street?

Since time began corrie has always been on a wednesday at 7.30pm, why does football take priority.

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20 Responses to “Why is football considered more important viewing than coronation street?”

  1. Deighton said:

    it always has!

  2. ★★★★ JOMAMO ★★★★ said:

    Selfish bastar.ds that Barcelona FC.

  3. Michael © CE Freedom Party. said:

    The thing is that it is ‘foreign football’ ………….

  4. ~Pirate Duchess~ said:

    its coz men watch footy and men pay the bills innit
    Wimmin should be in the kitchen….

  5. Nazeem said:

    I wish more women would watch football
    I dont like watching alone

    wait a minute…….I dont have a woman either

    now im depressed 🙁

  6. anne s said:

    coronation street has not been on on wednesdays for ages
    men run tv stations and can earn more money from football
    give the soaps a channel and give footie a channel

  7. Drunk Monkey. said:

    Its really annoying.

  8. Lucky Bear. said:

    I’m not a major footie fan, I like the atmosphere of the big matches but that’s about it. However, if it keeps Gail in jail for an extra night it’s all good for me.

  9. Essex moRon said:

    Well one of them gets watched because people like gossip and want to find out who is sleeping with who.
    And the other one is a soap opera.

  10. Kit Fang said:

    I don’t like nor watch football, but if it was a choice between football or Coronation Street, I would certainly chose the footie – even football is more interesting than Coronation Street.

  11. amiekitty said:

    i hate football,i prefer rugby

  12. Mrs C said:

    I don’t think Barcelona would move the match so you can watch Bet Lynch at the normal time.

  13. stickadiddle said:

    Because people who watch soaps need to get a life and football IS life!

  14. Misty Green said:

    Because it IS more important viewing,Barça are winning BTW.I’m sure you were dying to know.”Força Barça”

    How can you not like football?(shakes head). :/

  15. Libertine said:

    I know its outrageous!
    I love Corrie too.

  16. Beastmaster General said:

    Because bladder beats the blather in a mans’ world. Give me the blather any day!

  17. the punk professor said:

    How many times a year does ITV show an episode of Coronation Street? How many times a year does ITV show a live football game? I bet that there are way more episodes of the (mindless entertainment for middle aged women) soap than the football so there is nothing to moan about!!

  18. Corneilius said:

    It just is.

  19. [email protected] said:

    How can you compare watching Messi playing for Barcelona with that lot from Coronation Street?

  20. sjdgls - news junkie said:

    It is. It cannot be explained. These were Champions’ League games.


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