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What exercises (without a football) are good for pre-season football (soccer) training?

Hi, I am a boy and I am 16 years old. All of my friends are away at the moment, but I’d like to prepare for another amateur football season. I’ve got about 5-6 weeks before my first football game.

I can only train on my own and I CANNOT train with a football.

What exercises might increase my stamina, strenght, flexibility and speed in 4-6 weeks?

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4 Responses to “What exercises (without a football) are good for pre-season football (soccer) training?”

  1. doubleN said:

    it gots to be running. i’am sure thats the best training for any sports.

  2. Jenn said:

    Go running. That should increase your stamina and help strengthen you. It’s the easiest most basic thing I can suggest.

  3. ledzepfan17 said:

    my opinion is based on my assumption that you are in decent shape:

    stamina: run 45 min at at least 60-70% of your max pace. thats a solid run, not sprint but faster than a job. every time you run you have to push yourself a little harder. do this everyday. regardless if you dont do ANYTHING else, run every day.

    strength: light workout. like do smaller weights but higher reps. strength isnt your most important factor right now, so i wouldnt worry about it. you will build muscle naturally when you play soccer.

    flexibility: stretch thoroughly everyday. before and after you run. because you need to run every day.

    speed: run sprints. suicides, shuttle runs, that kind of thing. or you can full out sprint for X amt of yards. ex. sprint for 50 yds, then at the end, finish it with a liiiiight job. never stop or walk. when you sprint and keep lightly jogging, it increases your rate of lactic acid fermentation which is very important.

    what you can also do is practice running backwards, and diagonal, slow and fast, then cut hard and sprint. what this does is helps you build the small muscles which help in balance(that most people forget about) and it helps your body with explosive speed which is grand.

    so if someone tries a fancy move or cut on you and you catch up to them, it makes you look very good and that person, when he gets shut down enough will stop.

    trust me coaches get impressed if you can either:
    1. dribble or pass, lose the ball, HAWK that man down and get the ball back
    2. defend on someone, he cuts on you or tries a fancy move, and you explode and catch up to him and get the ball back.

    ^ it looks impressive when you do this.

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