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What can be done to reduce injury when playing football on astroturf?

Often when i play football on astroturf (usually 5 a side) i end up with a fair bit of lower back pain and lots of stiffness. This is usually complemented by similar feelings in my knees. I normally wear astroturf boots or ones with moulded studs. Im in my early 20’s so I dont imagine its just my body ageing. Is there anything which can reduce the impact of the surface on my back/joints apart from choice of footwear?

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One Response to “What can be done to reduce injury when playing football on astroturf?”

  1. Travis T said:

    well if your playing with pads and everything theres really nothing you can do, but try not to get hit or dive on it, ive played on astroturf and the same thing happens to me. if your not wearing pads maybe you might think about it. i mean you dont need all the works but you can use stuff like this.

    my best friend has a rib vest and it makes it hurt less and its light and easy to play with on. good luck


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