What are the widest football boots or trainers?

I need some astro turf boots/ hard ground football boots to wear on 3g astro. Porblem is I have wide feet and all football foot wear seems to be super narrow without exception.

Is there anything out there that is for people with more than a 2 cm wide foot?

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6 Responses to “What are the widest football boots or trainers?”

  1. t said:


  2. B said:

    I would suggest the cleats that you mold to your foot.

  3. Gary John - United Till I Die said:

    Hi I have the same problem (wide feet)

    I ended up wearing my normal boots but changed the studs for soft spike golf studs, the grip was great.

    try the following link http://www.clickgolf.co.uk/dept/accessories/spikes.html

  4. Hi T said:

    adidas predator

  5. Mathew S said:


    these my not look LUSH
    but they fit cinderellas shoe fitted her lol

    i have wide feet and i got these n they are lush

    cudnt have mercurial 🙁

  6. Bensjam of Tottenham said:

    i got 3 inchs wide also i got those black f30s


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