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What are the rules concerning the ball in Baseball?

How long is it used for before it is retired?

Are pitchers allowed to shine it, scratch it or tamper with it in anyway, as bowlers try to do in Cricket, to affect the movement through the air?

Do both teams use the same set of balls?

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5 Responses to “What are the rules concerning the ball in Baseball?”

  1. baby said:

    if it is marked,scuffed or cut the ump will take it out of the game. the balls are used by both teams. the pitcher can rub the slickness of the ball off, but can not scratch.

  2. sangiusepe said:

    Official rules may be reviewed at the website below.

    But as for your questions-

    A ball is used until it is worn as determined by the umpires- but in the Majors- is often lost due to foul balls.

    No- very unlike cricket- the baseball CANNOT be tampered with in any shape or form but the natural occurrences of play (I.e.- the ball scuffs on the grass on a grounder and then is returned to the pitcher).

    Rules prohibit such means (scuffing spitting)- as pitchers in the past have tried to use Vaseline on their caps, sandpaper on their gloves, or other means- all will get ejections from the game (if caught).

    As for teams using the same balls- yes. After the 3rd out is made, the ball that made the last out is oftentimes returned to the pitchers mound to use the next inning.

    Hope that helps!

  3. wilkermoo said:

    You are not allowed to do anything to the ball whatsoever. No pine tar, no spit, nothing. The most that you can do is lick your fingers when you are off of the mound. Originally the pitcher could lick his fingers anytime that he wanted. As of this year the pitcher has to be off of the mound. Pitchers can also use a talc bag to dry their hands. The talc bag also has to be used off the mound. If the ball is scuffed the umpire will toss the ball out of the game.
    The teams uses the same set of balls. The home team provides all of the balls for the game.

  4. greencaddyman said:

    if the cubs pitch it, it gets hit a long way, if they hit it its is an out. Cubs suck, Go Cards. up to 90 or so balls can be used in one major league baseball game.

  5. muzicgal1971 said:

    1) A baseball is used until it is hit or it hits the ground. Then the umpire gives the pitcher a new ball.
    2) Pitchers are not allowed to tamper with the ball in any way. They are allowed to use the rosin bag to dry up the sweat on their hands but are not at all allowed to spit on the ball or alter it in any way.
    3) Both teams use the same set of balls which are supplied by the home team. In fact, I just heard a couple of commentators talk about this during a game a few nights ago and they said that there are typically 7 dozen balls that are rubbed down by the umpires prior to the game.


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