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Is there a Wembly stadium for music and one for football?

I know there is a new one now, but before was there on for music/Concerts and a different one for football?

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15 Responses to “Is there a Wembly stadium for music and one for football?”

  1. Cybermoose said:

    lmao, no, same place for concerts and football

  2. Robin the Math & Sci Guru said:

    There is a wembley arena.. is this what you mean?

  3. sberiuk said:


  4. deadman said:

    no it is one stadium that they change to suit the event taking place. there is also wembley aena which is next to the stadium but is for smaller gigs of about 15,000 people

  5. Flapjack empire said:

    No, it’s one and the same!!!! Cute question though!!!

  6. cammie2k7 said:

    as far as i know they r both the same, i went to see queen at the old wembly stadium in 1989 and most of us were on the pitch

  7. Cheese A said:

    There is just one wembley staduim, they hold sporting and music events there. Well, they will when its finished.

    But there is also a Wembley Arena whch is what you may be thinking of, its like a big conference centre and they hold music events there sometimes

  8. Chadders said:

    Wembley Arena for concerts. Wembley Stadium for football and the occasional concert.

  9. bunts said:

    You would think so, wouldn’t you? We haven’t got a Wembley Stadium at the moment, but when it is finished George Michael has got a gig there.
    (You know the difference when you go there. Music tickets are cheaper!)

  10. Kerry-Ann J said:

    Why would they call them both wembley stadium if there were two.

  11. Alex N said:

    The Wembley Arena (plays gigs) is next door to the Wembley stadium (will soon play football – apparantly the FA Cup Final this year!)

  12. SUFFOLK IN WHAT said:

    Yes-Wembley Arena for concerts and Wembley stadium for watching that load of pansies with 3 lions on their chest.

  13. Jay A said:

    only one Wembley stadium, but there is also a Wembley Arena

  14. Gerbil said:

    You’re probably thinking of Wembley Arena, which was originally called Wembley Empire Pool, as it was built, presumably as an Olympic swimming pool, the last time London staged the Olympic Games in 1948. It is situated literally a couple of hundred yards from the stadium.

  15. Frank I said:

    They do both at the Wembly Stadium. They have concerts and they play football there.


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