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How do you make a talk / presentation interesting regarding football?

So you’re not just stating the teams, the players, the stadiums, the facts. Is there any points you add in to a football talk to make it interesting?

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4 Responses to “How do you make a talk / presentation interesting regarding football?”

  1. deltagremlin said:

    the money involved, the size of a clubs fan base, can you get any video clips in your presentation???

  2. unclegray said:

    Make it as multi-media as possible.
    Arrange for some time before the talk to set up a display.
    Research around the topic, so you include local/social history.
    Talk to supporters and players beforehand, so you can build up a database of anecdotes, hopefully some of them humorous!
    Try to present a more global picture: why was the club successful (or less so!) at certain times?
    Begin the talk itself by stating what areas you’re going to cover.
    Hope it goes well!

  3. paul s said:

    History of the game and obviously the fact that is THE one sport that people from all over the globe are happy to talk (some might say argue) about

  4. L.virtue said:

    Put Videos in and show your people lifelike figures or something like that. It should captivate them.


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