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How do you become a football manager and how competitive is it?

I would love to be a football manager, I have extremely good tactical play and strategical formations that I can pick up instantly and everytime I see a football game I always end up commenting on space that’s available or where the ball could/should go etc..

How competitive is it to get into football management without being a proffessional footballer yourself?

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3 Responses to “How do you become a football manager and how competitive is it?”

  1. Michael (AFL) said:

    1. Well… you have to get coaching badges first. It also doesn’t hurt having a university degree in either psychology, economy, or sports management.

    2. You need to find a job in the lowest league possible and work your way up. If you can’t find a job… go to a premier or championship team and become a coach and then work your way up.

    Good Luck man… it’s very competitive.

  2. ringo1968 said:

    It is mostly about who you know and generally not what you know. Contacts are very important, luck preeminent and the more people you actually know in football the better. An old boys network if you will.

  3. suparuss said:

    wow your chance has just arrived. send an email to Bolton quick as you like, good luck


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