How come baseball has never caught on in the UK?

The USA have caught on to football (soccer) and even we are starting up american football, but the closest we have to baseball is rounders! Why is that?

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25 Responses to “How come baseball has never caught on in the UK?”

  1. Matt said:

    Because it’s shite, like most other sports.

  2. Gazbo said:

    It has, we call it rounders.

  3. thnisshe said:

    Because its boring, and we have cricket. Which to be fair is equally as boring lol

  4. Ragged Flag said:

    Because it’s rubbish.

  5. Daver said:

    There aren’t sufficient Americans here in the UK – it is an American sport and that’s where the obvious interest would be.

  6. lunatic said:

    It just isn’t cricket.

  7. Mike O said:

    we invented rounders, baseball like american football come from our sports

  8. तर्नेक said:

    Its because we never play it at school as it is to big to play and where you can play it, its not posh enough to play like cricket or rugby.

  9. Andrew W said:

    Because We’ve got Cricket, which is MUCH better and is not like rounders, which is a girls game.
    IF you want to play baseball, try softball or rounders or find your local baseball team and join.

    There’s one in every county and it’s growing. Thy’re always looking for members.

  10. taz c said:

    Maybe cos we call it rounders & not baseball – perhaps if we actually CALLED it baseball, it might take off here too.

  11. the capybara said:

    because we have Cricket instead

  12. Bossco said:

    Because it’s a big steaming pile of poo.

  13. arsene knows best said:

    whats baseball

  14. dels replies said:

    Cause our summer game is cricket. far superior to baseball

  15. Chris B said:

    Well we actually invented baseball, (deadly serious), and we also have another game that is more or less the same called rounders, but for some reason neither are particularly popular. Personally, I just dont find those games very interesting, especially compared to football, cricket, rugby, golf, tennis, the other sports that are popular here.

  16. Jamie said:

    Who cares? Just be thankful it (and that dreadful American football thing) isn’t over here.

  17. C.L.H.S. said:

    English people have infinitely better taste.

  18. Leo said:

    A diary that documents a game being played in Guildford in 1755 has been verified by Surrey History Centre. The diary states they had tea after the game on Easter Monday and also played cricket. So we used baseball has a warm up to playing the real game of cricket

  19. Choirgirl Hotel said:

    There isn’t as much space over here in which to play it. Britain is too full of culture and historic buildings of global importance to have random fields for men in silly trousers to run around.

  20. Frizzer said:

    For the same reason Cricket has never caught on in the United States. It comes down to tradition and is passed on from generation to generation.

  21. 2008 World Champion Phillies said:

    Because the sophistication of the strategy of the game is more than the Brits can handle. Kicking a ball is about all they can deal with.

  22. arods.1fan said:

    Because REAL MEN play baseball…. In the Uk the only spots men play are one’s that require wearing a skirt,,,That’s my answer for all these ppl who insulted my country’s greatest sport! and my boys who play the game God Bless America. Tea time anyone?

  23. mrh_hoss said:

    Because the UK doesn’t understand the game.

  24. zeke said:

    In UK, most people are fixed to Cricket. Cricket is almost like baseball in means, so thats why u may not see baseball there.

  25. steve j said:

    They have been too busy oppressing the Irish to learn anything new


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