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How can i improve my throwing of the baseball?

I do okay until i get to long throwing, and I cant throw it farther than 60 feet or so. When I throw it the ball path is a long tall parabola. I dont know if i am releasing it too soon or what.
It is a tall sweeping parabola. That is why it is so short.

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4 Responses to “How can i improve my throwing of the baseball?”

  1. steve j said:

    Kirby Higbe the great old Brooklyn pitcher said he learned how to throw hard by throwing rocks

  2. tam o shanter said:

    try going to the gym and working on your arms and keep practising throwing heavier objects

  3. HIYAFOOL55 said:

    umm well its sounds like you have a strength problem but correct me if im rong. do long toss and left free wieghts. g. thats how i did it and make sure you have accuracy as well.

  4. soxfan25 said:

    60 feet… that’s pretty short.
    Try lifting weights and throw long toss every day. Before you throw a regular baseball use a medicine ball maybe that would work. Make sure to ice you arm too.


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