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How best to protect windows agains a football?

Hi, we live on the ground floor with the living room windows overlooking a park where kids play football nearly every day. They broke one of our windows, we had it fixed and are thinking how to prevent it in the future. We thought to buy those metal things, you know like in the castle, like that fat iron mesh just cant recall what to call it and where to buy it. Or is it custom made only? Thanks for your advice.

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5 Responses to “How best to protect windows agains a football?”

  1. Anne W said:

    You can get a piece of wrought iron, in a nice patterned shape to have fixed over the window. That mesh would look like you live in a squat! My neighbour used these grates over her downstairs windows, still lets in light and looks attractive.

  2. Ya-sai said:

    Can you grow a natural hedge . It will block out the view of the park, but it will still be green and natural to look at

  3. loopy said:

    tell the council about it they should do something about it for you!

  4. Toffy said:

    Normally people use Wrought Iron to cover windows. It is decorative and will work for your problem. Less expensive would be Hardware Cloth, it is metal or aluminum and small squares. It comes on a roll or by the foot. Sold at Home Depot, and Hardware Stores.

  5. matski said:

    fit laminated glass in stead, this will withstand a football


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